Let’s Dance the High Performance Tango!

Our mind and body are the most precious resource we have, which is why in order to perform in every aspect of life, our physiology and psychology is something we can’t ignore.

Certified High Performance coaching is all about reaching heightened and sustained levels of performance, whilst also maintaining your health and wellbeing. But how do you learn to dance in the most beautiful and succinct way using both your feet? Well, that’s where our psychology and physiology come in.

So today, let’s dance…

Beginning with our left foot: our PSYCHOLOGY

When we think about doing the tango, let’s assume our psychology refers to our left foot. It is our mindset and behaviours. Information that we receive about any given topic comes into our mind, it influences our thoughts and alters our mindset.

From the moment we receive information, we interpret how we will use that information, and the meaning that we attach to that information directly impacts our ability to succeed, as it impacts our beliefs and our ability to perform. We then label this information good or bad, draw meaning from it, and base our actions and beliefs around it.

So ask yourself, are you using your left foot when doing the tango?

Are your thoughts serving you?

Are you living your highest and best version of yourself?

Are you true in your words and actions?

And now, to our right foot: our PHYSIOLOGY

We want to maintain our balance, and this is where our physiology comes in. Physiology is all about making sure that you have the energy required on a day to day basis, to function at your best.

Physiology is about fuelling and energising your body to live a charged and vibrant life.

So ask yourself, are you using your right foot when doing the tango?

Both physically and mentally, how well are you looking after yourself?

Are you sleeping as you should, or are thoughts and worries keeping you up at night?

Do you have the discipline to be as active as you would like?

When I first started working with Sarah as her High Performance coach, she knew something needed to change. She wanted to lead her team into a new direction in her business and she had a great vision, but her energy wasn’t supporting her mindset. We needed to change that. Over the course of 3 months, we were able to implement regular routines that Sarah could use to build her levels of both mental and physical energy allowing her to have the energy to move her business forward. Not only did this help her on a personal level to have better relationships at home, but by sharing her struggles and challenges with the team she was able to align them and watch her business grow at the same time.

Through the Certified High Performance Coaching program, Sarah was able to improve her energy (her physiology) over a short period of time, which altered her mindset and beliefs (her psychology) and lead her to find the success that she had been struggling with.

Live a successful, purposeful and FULLY CHARGED life everyday!

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