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In any great business or organisation, it is the people who lay the foundation for success. When the team is aligned, inspired and motivated, great things are possible.

Through my workshops or team coaching programs, you will be able to get your team on the same page, aligning their goals and helping them to achieve success at an accelerated level whilst also gaining the softer skills needed to create impact and influence in navigating the current climate.

As your Certified High Performance Coach, I facilitate an introduction to High Performance which allows participants to work on their unique challenges and identify key actions to take. All workshops come with workbooks for team members and can be conducted in person or via zoom.

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Workshop Options

A high-performance workshop is the perfect way for leaders to sharpen their skills in order to create and sustain a culture of high performance in their organisation. Covering topics such as effective communication, goal setting, decision making, and team building, these workshops are a great way for leaders to support and optimise their team’s performance, leading to increased productivity, higher employee engagement, and improved business outcomes. As well as this, a high-performance workshop provides opportunities for networking and collaboration with other team members, which can be valuable in terms of sharing experiences and best practices moving forward.

Available Workshops (Duration 3 Hours)

The High Performance Leadership workshop is designed to provide participants with an introduction to the concepts and practices of high performance in the workplace. The workshop covers a range of topics, including the reason why high performers are that way, what holds leaders back from reaching their full potential, the importance of envisioning the future and goal setting.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a solid understanding of what makes high performing leaders that way, and be equipped with the tools and strategies they need to begin the journey to High Performance Leadership. Whether you are a seasoned leader or a new manager, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights and develop your leadership skills in the high performance space.

The Art of Empathetic Leadership workshop is designed to help participants develop the skills they need to lead with empathy and inspire greatness in their teams. Empathetic leadership is a powerful approach to leadership that involves understanding and connecting with team members on a deep level, and leading from the heart to create an environment where others feel heard, valued, and supported.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to cultivate empathy in their leadership style, how to build strong relationships with their team members, and how to inspire their team to achieve greatness by flipping the focus inwards on them selves to then be able to shift it outward back to their team members.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools they need to lead with empathy and inspire greatness in their team, creating a culture of respect, trust, and more effective communication in their organisation.

This workshop is designed to help team members develop the skills they need to communicate their vision and strategy in a clear and confident way that is heard by the receiving party. In today’s fast-paced environment, leaders need to be able to articulate their vision and strategy in a way that inspires and motivates their team.

In this workshop, participants will explore the key elements of effective communication, such as clarity, simplicity and influence and learn practical strategies for applying these elements in their communication.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools they need to communicate their vision and strategy in a clear and confident way, and to lead their team with purpose and conviction.

The Beyond the Surface workshop is designed to provide team members with a deep exploration of High Performacne leadership framework and philosophy. In this workshop, participants will learn how to think critically about the key principles of leadership, and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying theories and models that inform leadership practice and have driven past success of the most influential leaders. They will learn practical skills for navigating tough times, empowering their team and also envisioning and evaluation their own teams.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a solid understanding of the key principles of leadership framework and philosophy, and be equipped with the tools and strategies they need to be effective leaders in their organisation and have a more in depth understanding of what drives peak performance. This workshop is ideal for those who are looking to deepen their understanding of leadership and to enhance their leadership skills and abilities and has already experienced prior HIgh Performance Work.

Workshop Prerequisites: Workshops 1-3 required.

The Leadership Edge workshop is the ultimate leaders workshop, designed to provide participants with the strategies they need to take their leadership skills to the next level in every aspect. In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop a more advanced growth mindset, be able to set ambitious goals, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement in their leadership practice. They will explore the key strategies for scaling their leadership impact, review their progress and also begin the discussion of scaling.
By the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools they need to build a stronger leadership model, This workshop is ideal for those who are looking to grow as leaders, who are committed to making a significant impact in their organisation and who are ready to take their organisation to the next level.

Workshop Prerequisites: Workshops 1-3 required.

Bundled Workshops

Successive workshops allow team members to build upon the skills and knowledge gained in previous sessions, leading to a more in-depth understanding of the material and greater mastery of the skills being taught and also allows the follow up of previous sessions with help in creating that lasting change. This ongoing support results in increased confidence and competence among team members, as well as a more effective application of the skills in their work and a greater understanding of each other as a team.

Rather than a one-off training event, the team members have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the topics and to receive ongoing feedback and support from the myself. This can help team members identify areas where they need more development and provide them with the tools to make improvements accordingly.

Choice of Workshops: 1-3 or 1-5

The Advanced Model

A Mixture of Workshops and Coaching

There is nothing more powerful than combining the workshops with some additional 1-1 coaching in between the sessions. When team members are able to work on their own skill set to improve and enhance their abilities, this is where the magic and free flow within organisations and teams occurs.

By working individually with team members or specific parts of the team and having an in depth understanding or their needs and what holds them back and working on a goal and system specific to them to enhance workplace performance is a great way to build momentum in the workplace and allow your team to thrive in ways you never imagined.

When an individual is given the tools and support to becoming their best, both personally and professionally the ease and growth within organisations is unmatched.

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Events & Speaking


I’m available to speak at Events or deliver Presentations within your organisation as a guest speaker or consultant. These can be tailored to your needs. 
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Speaking Case Study: Ladies Lunch

The Ladies Lunch organised by Ferntree Gully Football Club was a great opportunity to share my personal journey of growth through a difficult period of my life.

I was able to raise awareness of the importance of managing our mindset and creating changes to lead up to a life that we are passionate about. It was also an exercise in encouraging others not to hide and instead share their personal stories to build deeper connections and gain the support that they need during difficult phases of their lives.

After my talk, it was a heart-warming experience when the women in the audience approached me to share their story or to tell me that it really helped them. It was an amazing feeling.

Event Details

Event Name: Ladies Lunch

Organiser Ferntree Gully Football Club

Date: 4th June 2022

Location: Ferntree Gully

Attendees: 100-150 Women

Event Name: Ladies Lunch

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