Elevate Your Thinking - The Book

8 Elements to Finding Your Inner Strength in a World of Chaos and Expectation

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Elevate Your Thinking is the ultimate guide to learning how to build strong mental and emotional foundations to help you perceive life differently. Following these steps leads you to a thriving and vibrant life, perhaps one better than you ever imagined.  

Belinda Colubriale suffered post-natal depression after her twins’ birth. Her recovery required that she explore a path of personal growth. In witnessing the change in herself, she is now passionate about helping others to find the strength that lies within them.    

Through her growth journey, she learnt the value of managing thoughts and embracing emotions, even if sometimes difficult. She saw these techniques minimised chaos and negativity in life. Everyone can choose the glass-half-full approach, and this book shows you how.  

Regain control over life by engaging with these eight elements.


Resilience Discipline Inspiration Creativity

A guided experience

This book offers a step-by-step action plan. Follow this roadmap, and you will become your best self, reaching your seemingly unattainable goals. 

By building on your inner strengths and creating a strong mental and emotional core, Belinda believes that you can thrive in all areas and continue to gather momentum and improve—feeling stronger and more fulfilled along the journey. 

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