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I help individuals reach their full potential, so that they can not only learn to survive, but elevate their levels of necessity in order to thrive

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Master your Mindset, Master your Life

Hi, I’m Bel, and for close to two decades I have been coaching and training teams. I have been able to run a flagship store in my previous optical brand, turning a team of 5 staff into one of over 50, had our sales turnover grow from $1m to over $8m per annum and lead 7 of my own staff members to now have their own businesses and find success themselves.

I am also a wife and mum of 4 little people and so if anyone knows the challenges of the juggle and wanting to thrive both personally and professionally, I can relate!

What I have learnt on my journey to success is that there is a way to fast track it, to learn and grow and you do this quickly, by having the help of a coach by your side. Someone who holds you accountable, cares, and is there to talk through your ambitions and challenges with.

High Performance has changed my life in ways I could never imagine. It makes me feel congruent to who I want to be, it allows me to willingly juggle what’s on my plate with relative ease, but also set boundaries for what I no longer desire.

Sometimes, running a business and being a leader feels tough, there are many obstacles that we need to overcome, but what if there was a way that you could overcome them knowing that it was on your terms – that your mindset determined your outcomes, so no matter what the external world says, you are in control. That is where the ultimate power lies.

Certified High Performance Coaching gives you a feeling of confidence in what you are building, and in how you are building it, which allows you the courage to take the necessary steps forward and live a life where you are engaged, that you feel confident in and that feels purposeful.

So, what makes me different? Well, as a leader, business owner and coach, I have walked the walk. Any issues, blocks, or obstacles you are facing, I have most likely been there and overcome them. I can teach you how to succeed in your business just as I have, as well as help you learn from the mistakes I have made, to save you the time and the headache along the way.

I want you to live a life that you are passionate about both personally and professionally then let’s connect!

- Bel

Live a successful, purposeful and fully charged life everyday

My Achievements


Business Experience


2 Successful Franchises


Scaled Multiple Times and Increased Revenue


'Elevate Your Thinking'


Of 4 Little People


Built High Performing Teams

Why Choose Me As Your Certified High Performance Coach?

Put simply, I can help you elevate your levels of performance both personally and professionally

Elevate and Gain Perspective

We will get clear about how you feel about life in general and the current goals that you have.

Elevate Your Leadership Skills

We will look at how you are able to better influence, lead and inspire not only yourself but also others around you.

Elevate and Build Practical Routines

We will implement habits to help you stay on track when life gets tough.

Elevate Your Thinking

We will look at how you are showing up and if you are living your most congruent life.

What is a Certified High Performance Coach?

A CHPC helps clients to reach high performance in both their personal and professional life. through 12 powerful 60 minute coaching sessions.

Usually we will work weekly or fortnightly for the first 12 sessions then you can decide whether to continue the coaching to gain more advanced strategies.

The first 6 of the 12 sessions are called ‘Quick Wins’ and will help you explore and establish the habits required to be a high performer. The next 6 sessions are about developing mastery and here we focus on your psychology, physiology, productivity, people skills and purpose.

Certified High Performance coaching is holistic. This means that we don’t only aim to achieve one goal as you may do with an accountability coach, but rather it’s about a total life transformation and alignment. It’s all about elevating your performance whilst also maintaining your health and wellbeing.

Our coaching sessions are usually delivered on zoom, via phone or if requested in person and the process works in the same way for groups as it does individuals.

I will ask you deep diving questions in a specific order to get you the desired result and major breakthroughs to take you to the next level. This process has a proven pathway for success, infact in over 70,000 CHPC sessions taken the satisfaction level was 9.7/10, the highest-known satisfaction score in the coaching industry.

My High Performance Coaching Services can Change Your Life.

Client Testimonials

Success Stories

Bel was recommended to me by a good friend, who knew I wanted to align with a Performance Coach to service my clients. I wanted someone passionate and driven, who would help my clients achieve their best. Bel has a genuine nature about her and thrives on seeing her clients reach and sustain high levels of performance. I love that Bel practices what she coaches and thrives on her client’s success.
Liam Vo
Managing Director and Founder at Estiie
There were so many ‘ah-ha’ light bulb moments, simple rephrasing of processes and the how and why that just made sense. I now feel motivated with less excuses to achieve and made me feel I could achieve my ultimate goal in starting my own business and achieve personal growth, even while in the midst of COVID lock down. I now feel I can get to where I need to be, it feels attainable and achievable.
Small Business Owner and Recently Inspired Mum
Belinda is a successful business person and a dedicated High Performance Coach. I can definitely attest to her passion and skill in bringing the best out of people, whatever their life goals may be.
Kam Kabiri
Franchise Owner
Bel was very supportive and encouraged me to take steps that helped me find a way to move forward positively and with purpose! She was encouraging, motivating and insightful, and assisted me in the pursuit of my personal goals and dreams. I would highly recommend!
Rhi Yates
Retail Manager

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