Productivity, High Performance and the Link to Feeling Great

When we speak about productivity, we often look at what we accomplished and we then value our day based on what we achieved, or what we didn’t achieve. This is how we tend to measure our performance. However, as you read this blog today, I would like you to think about how to get the most out of each day by changing your focus, even if its just slightly.

Surprisingly, the underlying reason we delay getting things done is often the dread that we associate with the short-term pain of pushing through a particular task or tasks. And, it’s the energy that we bring mentally, emotionally, and physically to that task, that often affects our outcomes and consumes our thoughts before we even begin, therefore affecting our performance.

You know yourself that when you are feeling great, it’s much easier to be productive, but when the ‘stars don’t feel aligned’ this is not the case. So, what if you were able to manage how to push through that ‘initial feeling’. What if you had more control over your performance?

Too often, we look at productivity like a block of time, and although yes this is the case, there is something else that we may be forgetting to consider.

What if we approached it through the eyes of a high performer and more holistically? What I mean by this is, we need to look past the past the initial ‘project’ we are wanting to complete and look at the reason why we are wanting to accomplish it.

We need to zoom out and see why it needs to be done, and then zoom back in to gain further understanding. Is it to gain more time? Is it to produce different outcomes at work?
Is it to earn more money? Is it to feel physically or mentally more vibrant? What exactly is the end goal?

The other point many of us never really consider is.

What was our conditioning like on days that we were productive, versus days that we were unproductive?

What happened in those days, and how did this affect our outcome?

Today I encourage you to rate your yourself between 1 and 10 in the areas below:

On your productive days versus your unproductive days, did you notice a pattern in behaviours?

  • How was your mental energy?
  • How was your physical energy?
  • How was your emotional energy?

In his book, the Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod talks about transforming our days, beginning with our mornings and using 6 simple steps. Hal talks about the importance of implementing a routine by structuring our mornings, which then allows us to transform our days.

The 6 Steps are:

  1. SILENCE: start your morning in silence and peace
  2. AFFIRMATIONS: create a list of affirmations and make a list of what you want and create a list
  3. VISUALISATION: visualise your success and who you need to be to reach your goals
  4. EXERCISE: commit to some form of exercise before you start your day, whether it is stretching, going for a walk/ run or doing some yoga. Get your body moving.
  5. READING: learn from those who have already accomplished what you want and then implement
  6. SCRIBING: journal what you want and what you need

Implementing routines like this not only clears the space in your mind needed to live a fulfilling and productive day, but they fundamentally improve your physical, spiritual, and emotional energy. This ensures you are setting yourself up for success to take on those projects which maximises your potential for a productive day.

If performing at your peak and optimising your mind and body sounds like something you are interested in, click here to see my services page to hear about how I can help.

Live a successful, purposeful and FULLY CHARGED life everyday!

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