Franchisees and Business Owners often ask me – “I Can’t Have It All… Can I?”

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I often hear people say, you can’t have it all, or the grass isn’t always greener on the other side however, the older and wiser I get, the more and more I disagree with this statement! They are simply yet to be coached and on their way to success.

Living a life of High Performance means that you are striving to create your optimal life. It means that you want to excel both personally and professionally, whilst also maintaining your health and wellbeing. It’s never about one versus the other, and so this means that for me, I personally do believe yes, you can have it all, and yes, the grass can indeed be greener on the other side.

But, how do you do this, especially in today’s day and age, when it is harder than ever to find the time that we so desperately desire. Most individuals I coach are indeed busy. If you have a look at your own calendar, there is no denying that, but often we are too busy focusing on the wrong tasks, and so we are never really moving ahead as we would like, and therefore we struggle to ‘have it all’.

According to Brian Tracy the author of ‘Eat that Frog’ the ABCDE method is a formula that some would describe as ‘productivity on steroids’, but this method really accelerates the pace at which the important tasks can be completed and therefore getting you to High Performance sooner.

Successful individuals have the ability to rate tasks in order of their priority.

A = tasks you MUST do (highest priority and no more than 3 tasks at a time)

B = tasks you SHOULD do (do but only after the A tasks are done)

C = tasks you COULD do (things that are optional, but only to be done once A and B are complete)

D = tasks you can DELEGATE (can get someone else to do this for you)

E = tasks you can ELIMINATE (can remove them as they provide no value)

Living a Life of High Performance:

This leads me to tell you about Lisa. Lisa is a franchise owner, with a handful of great team members around her. In her session, we discussed her desire to focus more ON the business but was finding that approximately 70% of her time was working IN the business rather than ON it. She wanted more time with her two boys and her husband, but time was quickly slipping away from her.

In her business coaching session on productivity, Lisa and I discussed what we could do so Lisa could thrive, as a franchisee, mother and wife.

Lisa realised that about 4 hours of her day was spent completing tasks that fell in the C-E categories. BAM! Just like that Lisa saved 2 days of work. With this time, she restructured her week. One day she spent from home working on the business and the other she started giving herself a longer weekend.

Lisa wanted it all but was unsure on how to get there and still be successful. She was worried that she would never be able to move the business forward, as she was always working IN the business rather than ON the business.

Lisa is well on her way to creating her dream life, a life where she CAN have it all, all she had to do was work out how!

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