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It’s not always easy living your own message. A life that is congruent to who you want to be, that is unique to yourself, but that also lights you up and inspires others. But it is always worth it and, as a coach practising what I preach is vital to living a life that is authentic to me and one that I feel has integrity. I don’t want to be coaching in areas that I do not strive to do the best in myself.

This is the story of a typical day in the life of myself, and how I live it according to my Elevate Your Thinking philosophy, and to the philosophy of High Performance living. It’s about the routines I have learnt and designed to help me stay focused, inspired and present throughout my day.

Yes, of course like anyone else, it’s always a work in progress, and there is always room to grow and improve, but here is my routine that keeps me on track. Follow along as I share with you what a typical day looks like for me!

It’s Friday night, I am about to have movie night with my two eldest kids. The twins are asleep and so we know we can relax without little people jumping on us! I know it’s unusual to start my routine on a Friday night, but it’s what works for me.

I have my large whiteboard out and I am writing down the days of the week for the following week starting from Monday and what’s on for the next week.

Doing this gives me a sense of calm as I can get out everything that needs to be done and I feel organised and ready for the week ahead. Friday is also the day I organise all my coaching calls for the following week. Who is being coached on what subject, what do I want to follow up on or explore more, who do I need to get back to. Do I have everything out and ready for that call. Is there anything I need to do beforehand.

Besides the Friday afternoon and night, the rest of my days follow a very similar structure. I wake up at 4.30-5am. I have prepped the day before what I am to do during this time, whether it be read a book, write a blog, prepare my coaching call etc. but, there are a couple of non-negotiables as I start my morning – a glass of water, a cup of coffee, a meditation, and some basic stretches.

Often at 6-7am I have my first coaching call. Usually for clients who want out of work hours. I love my morning calls and it starts the day for them on the right foot, thinking and implementing what we have learnt.

By 7am all my 4 children are up and the morning is no longer as relaxing, breakfasts to be had, readers to be read before school and more often than not someone is upset – they don’t like their breakfast, their siblings has annoyed them, they don’t want to get changed, they don’t like the show on TV… let’s just say it’s a work in progress but, as they get older the mornings will get easier… I hope.

On days when all four are at school or in care, I have my coaching calls. I don’t coach every day of the week. I have a schedule of how many I conduct on any given day, and I won’t compromise on that number. I need to make sure I’m giving my one hundred and fifty percent in a coaching call. I prepare my calls beforehand; I have the call and then send my follow up email with the main points that we have discussed. I also like to separate my coaching days from my business/thinking days. Days to write blogs, days to plan, days to work the family duties at home.

My coaching calls are one hour. It won’t work having back-to-back calls, so I always having a minimum of half an hour in between sessions. On my planning days things run a little differently, I work in 25- or 50-minute increments. Studies have shown these are the most productive ways to function. I set a timer and in between I stand up, drink water, stretch, check in with someone etc.

Going for a walk is also an important part of my routine, another way to think, get some Vitamin D and just get some me time in. I walk at no specific time, but it is something I do enjoy doing, (although I am also petrified of magpies, as I did get swooped last year, so that part is a work-in progress). Another thing on my to do list is to sign up to a tennis club and start playing some more regular tennis. For those of you who have not read about myself and tennis, I did used to think I was quite the player back in the day, or the ‘olden days’ as my kids would call it!

Being efficient and structured is important to me. The time I assign to certain tasks is specific. I do the more mundane tasks in the afternoon when I know my brain function isn’t as sharp and I allow my best work in the morning.

Then, it’s the pick-up time for the kids and back to mum life from 3pm onwards. Cooking dinner, making lunches, listening to their days, kicking the football, or playing soccer in the backyard, and ensuring I make that part of the day as enjoyable as possible.

Yes, again a bit like the mornings, always a work in progress but the simple things like sitting and having dinner together is super important to us. Trying to teach our kid’s responsibilities and sharing household chores is also important in creating structure for their future as well.

Once they are asleep and unless I have an enquiry call, I stop working. My brain by that time has had enough. If you speak to my husband, by the time I hit the couch to watch some Netflix, it’s nearly impossible to get me back up. It’s early bed for me as I always aim for 7-8 hours sleep, so bedtime is 9-9.30pm.

That’s a glimpse into my day and what it looks like.

I would love to hear; how do you spend your days? What goes smoothly and what are you challenges? If you could level up in just one area what would that be?

Live a successful, purposeful and fully charged life everyday!

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