Certified High Performance Coaching for Franchisees
and their Teams

Elevate your Franchise Success with my
Certified High Performance Coaching

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CHPC for Franchisees and their Teams

I can help you elevate and reach high performance in your Franchise whilst maintaining your Health and Wellbeing

Elevate and align your team

Positively influence your team and find the courage to have difficult conversations.

Elevate your profits

Discover the tools to help you expand your potential for growth and give you lasting stability.

Elevate your work life balance

Create sustainable habits to help manage your time and energy.

Elevate Your Thinking

Develop clarity about your franchise business, obstacles you face and goals you have.

Why Certified High Performance Coaching?

High Performance means succeeding beyond standard norms for a prolonged period of time and doing so whilst maintaining your health and wellbeing.

The CHPC approach is holistic, it’s not just about helping you reach one goal but rather it’s a total life transformation and alignment. Yes, you will have a more successful business, but your home life will also improve.

CHPC allows you to find success and maintain it over the long term whilst also maintaining your positive relationships.

Rated the highest level of coaching worldwide, CHPC is your proven path to success. It has a coaching curriculum that is science based and results orientated, and by asking the right questions, in the right order, the results happen.

The approach is super effective, in fact third party evidence has shown that from over 70,000 CHPC sessions taken, the average rating was 9.7/10. The highest known satisfaction rating ever in that industry.

Why choose me as your High Performance Coach?

Hi, I'm Bel.

Hi, I’m Bel, and over the past decade I have grown a business and team from the ground up.  I have been able to run a flagship store in my brand, turn a team of 5 staff into one of over 50, had my sales turnover grow from $1m to over $8m per annum and lead 7 of my staff members to now have their own businesses and find success themselves.

I want you to live a life and have a business that you love and put simply, CHPC will get you there.

If you can find the courage to begin, you have the mindset to succeed

Client Testimonials

Franchise Success Stories

I never really thought about being proactive with my habits, but coaching has helped me to build the habits that has made my franchise more successful. I was able to take away some great actions after every session, and having the online support and network with my fellow attendees was awesome. Would highly recommend!
Specsavers Franchisee Devonport
Best decision...... this lockdown sent me to a corner and I felt stuck and wanted more. Bel gave me Clarity to find where I wanted to be, and helped me to stand by these three words that were specific to my situation- Purpose, Courage and Confidence.
Jorge Lumain
Senior Leader at Oscar Oscar Franchise
Belinda is a successful business person and a dedicated High Performance Coach. I can definitely attest to her passion and skill in bringing the best out of people, whatever their life goals may be.
Kam Kabiri
Franchise Owner
Bel is someone I would call resilient, motivated and always looking for the best way to achieve results! A role model for women looking to balance professional and personal lives and all the challenges that come with it.
Jeena Tan
Head of Clinical Systems at Specsavers AU & NZ

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Featured Leadership Book

The Visionary Leader’s Playbook

Everyone has the ability to be a High Performing leader, but being that visionary person and being willing to lead the change requires a lot of courage, and it takes work and effort in a few critical areas to get you to that next level.

Featured High Performance Book

Becoming You - A 9 Step Guide to Personal Empowerment and Transformation

Setting yourself up for success is essential to achieving your goals and living a life that fulfils you. This includes work, relationships, finances, health, hobbies, and more. 

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Step 02 | Let’s talk about your current situation

Outline your challenges and identify opportunities for growth

Step 03 | Action plan

Discuss steps that you can take to reach high performance in life and work while maintaining your health and wellbeing

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