What is Certified High Performance Coaching

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What Is Certified High Performance Coaching (CHPC)?

Certified High Performance Coaching (CHPC) is a proven coaching curriculum that is science based and results orientated. By asking the right questions, it allows you to develop the habits and gives you the tools to get you to your next level of success.

CHPC gives you a proven path to success. It gives you a curriculum that gets harder as you progress along the journey to ensure that you are being challenged and growing at every stage along the way.

What Type Of Individuals Would Invest In CHPC?

High Performance coaching helps anyone, no matter what walk of life that you are from achieve the extraordinary. The same process is used for high potential employees, senior executives, busy parents, stay at home mums, athletes, couples who are having relationship problems and people who just know that there is more in them and want to discover what that something is.

Becoming a high performer means that you are living in flow, joy, full engagement and confidence in your day to day life and continuously improving.

How Will CHPC Help You Achieve Your Goals?

  • We will get clear about how you feel about life in general and the current goals that you have
  • We will look at how you are showing up and if you are living your most congruent life
  • We will implement habits to help you stay on track when life gets tough
  • We will look at how you are able to better influence, lead and inspire not only yourself but also others around you

Is CHPC Effective?

Absolutely, the High Performance Institute (the same organisation that certified me as a CHPC) gathered evaluations from over 40,000 CHPC sessions in over 150 countries. The discovery was that the average client rating was 9.6 out of 10. This is the highest-score ever recorded for any multi month coaching program.

How Is CHPC Different From Other Forms Of Coaching?

Most other coaching programs do not have a curriculum.

CHPC uses a curriculum that is proven, research based and results orientated. What does this mean?  Put simply, there is value added into the program at every step along the journey.

Most other coaching programs are listening based.

CHPC is challenge based.  During each session you will be trained on a particular tool, habit or concept and you will be given homework to begin working on this after the session.

Most other coaching programs offer outcomes that are unclear.

CHPC knows its intended outcome – its to get you to High Performance.

Most life coaches are trained to elicit clients goals.

CHPC’s goal is to get you to reach High Performance in ALL areas of your life. You will have a roadmap to track your progress and this will allow you to feel that there is always progress being made and value being added, no matter the goal.

Is CHPC Research Based And Is There Data To Prove Its Results?

Of course, in research conducted by the High Performance Institute a scale known as the High Performance Indicator (HPI) was used.  This measured the factors that predict an individuals high performance.  High Performance was defined as the individuals long-term success.  This assessment on high performance was both created and backed by CHPC Brendan Burchard, the world’s leading High Performance Coach.

Over 170,000 individuals were used for these studies and over 100 human performance variables were tested.  In the 6 categories of clarity, energy, necessity, productivity, influence and courage higher levels of long term success were found than those who did not focus on these areas.

Not only did researchers find that working on these indicators improved success in areas such as business and sales success etc, it also noted important life outcomes likes improvements in health, confidence and positive relationships also increased.

So what does this mean in simple English?

CHPC is about improving and raising the bar in every area of your life.

You may come to coaching as a working mum who wants to be more productive at home but also have more quality time with her family.  After a few sessions you will not only feel more productive, (that’s the base), but you will also find more time for friends and family, time to meditate, eat healthier, be more fulfilled and clearer in your goals, and the list goes on.


You may come to coaching with you goal being to increase your income.  This is the benchmark, but you leave with so much more, more energy, more time to explore your other passions and more time for self care, just to name a few of the benefits that would be possible.

No matter the reason for beginning on your journey, the benefits are endless and far outweigh the initial reason you chose this form of coaching in the first place.

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