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A Bit Of The Personal Stuff

Meet Belinda, a Certified High Performance Coach, the author of ‘Elevate Your Thinking’ and founder of Elevate with Bel. She has been leading and developing individuals for over 16 years, including 12 of those years in her own optical business. Bel knows the importance of being at her best in order to lead others, and this has helped her to build a successful business over the past decade and turn a team of 5 staff to one of over 50.

Bel's Goals

Master your Mindset, Master your Life

By building on your inner strengths and creating a strong mental and emotional foundation, Bel believes that you can continue to gather momentum and improve, and that’s why her passion lies in helping others to know that nothing is unattainable.

She has a proven step by step framework that helps her clients reach their full potential, so that you can not only learn to survive, but thrive.

Bel's Story

Master your Mindset, Master your Life

After the birth of her twins, babies three and four, Bel suffered post natal depression and sought to seek to strengthen her thinking by working with a coach. Witnessing the change in herself, she is now a huge advocate of personal development. She believes that with simple mindset changes nothing is unattainable, and knows that with the right guidance, everyone is capable of reaching their full potential, no matter where their starting point is, and no matter how hectic and chaotic their life may seem.

Bel’s life is action packed with four young children, running a business and a practise at the same time, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Has passion is in the High Performance field. Why? Because as a mother and business owner, she knows the importance of needing to be at her best in order to be at her best for those around her.

She knows that ultimately the impact she has on others starts with herself and she believes that to function at above normal standards, you need an above normal coaching product.

Bel believes that through coaching you can have it all, and you can thrive in everyday life, making it successful, purposeful and fully charged everyday.

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