Why Clarity Is The Key To Success

Why Clarity is the key to success

Have you ever felt that there was more to life than the way that you were currently living, but you were unsure of how to get there?

Have you ever thought about what your ideal day would look like, who you would want to show up as, and who you would want to surround yourself with?

Have you ever thought about what would really make you happy? Not surface level happiness, but one that comes from deep within?

If you think about it, for most of us, there comes a point in our lives where we think, is this it? Is there anything else? Have I reached my peak? We can’t seem to see what’s next, and everything feels mundane and unclear.

At some point in our lives, most of us suffer from a lack clarity. We want to live a life that is purposeful, but we are unsure of how to get there, and we are unsure of how to generate that inspiration that’s needed to take us to the next level.

This was me. A few years ago, I reached a point where I thought, things are ok, they are good, I’m grateful for what I have, but there is a gap. How do I make my life even better? How do I create a life that I am passionate about? What shifts do I need to make for this to happen?

The only problem is, without getting clear on what we want, it’s impossible to make that change, and, to add salt to the wound, when we feel that change is needed, its usually when we aren’t feeling great. Therefore, the path to finding clarity becomes even harder, and we can be left wondering, what’s the point, so often and unfortunately, we don’t even try.

Seeking clarity takes work, it takes an inner strength, and it takes courage.

There is however good news. Good news in knowing that once we are committed, it’s a journey that is well worth the initial effort.

Seeking clarity is achieved through 5 conscious steps:

Step 1: Self-Reflection

Clarity begins with self-reflection. It’s impossible to gain clarity without knowing where we currently are, and reflecting on why we are here at this specific point in the first place. Here, we need to look internally. How do we feel? Is it a feeling that we like? This step can be hard, and sometimes confronting.

The problem though is that sometimes when we realise where we are at, and the current thoughts that are running though our minds, we want to do the opposite of self-reflection, and just push those feelings under the rug. Again, I get it. That was me! But, by starting here, it opens our consciousness to where we are at, so that we know where we need to go.

Step 2: Gratitude

By reflecting on what is good in our lives, we become more aware of our surroundings. We need to begin to ask ourselves, what can I continue that makes me feel good? What practices can I implement that get me feeling grateful and energised every day?  Am I putting myself in situations that are toxic and holding me back from who I want to be?  Or am I surrounding myself with individuals who light me up, who inspire me to be my best, and who genuinely care?

You can begin practising gratitude by simply journaling three things that make you happy every day. It could also involve implementing a habit such as a daily meditation practise, to get you in the right head space, and clearing negative emotions. Once we start becoming more mindful of our surroundings, and more grateful for what we have, suddenly clarity begins to reappear.

Step 3: Organisation

You may have a vision of your goal, but you may be unsure of how to get there. Without a plan, your highest level of success is not possible. You are less productive, which leads to a lack of ownership and a lack of clear direction. If you are directing a team in this way, they will also struggle to align with you. So, write a list of the steps needed, this week, this month, next month, to make that vision a reality.

Sometimes this step also involves employing help to get you on your way. Get a cheerleader who is in your corner. Someone who will hold you accountable to your goals. Begin to look at creating your winning team of support around you. Build your winning team through collaborating with others.

When we have a goal of where we want to be, or who we want to become, it’s important to create the baby steps to achieve that goal. Work out what you need to stop doing that is hindering your progress? Also look at what do you need to start doing to get you on your way? How are you going to reward yourself along the way when you reach small milestones?

Step 4: Courage

To find clarity in life, and fulfill your purpose, you need to get real, you need to get raw, and you need to get vulnerable. You need to see what is breaking down, where the gaps are, and where there is room to improve. Here you will need to dig deep. It may involve having the tough conversations. It may mean taking the leap into the unknown. It may mean showing up more authentically than you have before, and letting people see the real you. It may also mean leaving a situation that doesn’t align with your values or your mission.

Step 5: Confidence

Self-reflection, gratitude, organisation and courage lead you to having more confidence. Once you are clear on these steps, you begin to find clarity. Your intuition improves, and every day you become clearer on who you are, where you want to go, and who you want to be. When you are confident, you know your purpose, you are more resilient, and you are more willing to navigate through the tough situations. You are clear on your ultimate destination, and it is much easier to find that inspiration. When we are confident, we don’t allow time or space to hold us back. We have a direction we want to head in, and we have confidence in our ability to figure it out.

Seeking Clarity is the moment that you realise that YES, you have a purpose, you know your mission and you find that you begin to experience a new vibrancy for life.

So, give yourself the gift of clarity, and once you do, you may find that living a successful, purposeful and fully charged life may not be as far away as you think.


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