Connecting the dots in life to help you reach High Performance

Our lives are made up of many moments.  Moments that sometimes pass us by, and moments that stay with us forever.  These moments, and all the events that we are a part of, whether they are big or small, make up dots in our line of life.

All of these dots work together, and by connecting them, we begin to understand that things have happened in our lives for a reason.  They bring us to the point where we are right now, and that point is exactly where we are meant to be.

Sometimes the dots are bright and colourful, we feel happy, energised, excited and inspired.  At other times the dots are dark, they represent times of pain and times of hurt. 

If we are able to look back at our line of dots through our ride of life, we can begin to notice flexibility in its colour chart.   Relating this to a rollercoaster, the bright dots would represent the highs and the darker dots would represent the lows.

If we can sit with this idea for a moment, then we can begin to see that the moments of darkness wont stay that way forever, there will be lighter dots coming where we will rise again.  But, in order for this to occur we need to make conscious mindset changes.     

We would also begin to realise that the brighter dots are real blessings, so it’s important to stop and to really appreciate these moments.  We want to be grateful and truly present for what we are apart of at that time. 

In order to reach high performance we need to consciously create our own dots in our lives when things seem tough.  We need to be purposeful in bringing the joy to colour these moments.  We need to find reasons to create a brighter dot, generate more energy and be more present.  We are the ones in control of adding more sunlight to our days.  

By living purposefully we begin to take back control.  Being mindful in these moments will give us the clarity needed to create this change. 

When this is achieved, we are the ones who have taken back the power, and we are the ones who are paving a future that begins to lead us to high performance. We can begin to draw our own dots, and we can begin to collate and colour our own lines.

Too often, we forget the most important and meaningful parts of our life’s story. We forget the dots that have made up the most important parts of our lives.  The parts we miss, and the dots we choose to ignore or refuse to work on are often the most important and influential in shaping us. 

In order to reach peak levels of high performance we need to be more purposeful in how we are living in these current moments.

Your unique combination of dots, and their respective colours illustrate not only the highs throughout life, but also the lows, and combined these dots make up our life’s story.  

Appreciate these dots when they are bright. Focus on working on them when they are dark, and always remember that just like a rollercoaster, you will rise again!

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