Are You Living Your Life As Though You Are Constantly Driving Through A Fog?

Are You Living Your Life As Though You Are Constantly Driving Through A Fog?

Finding Clarity Through The ‘Fog’

A few months ago, I was on my way to work.  It was during the initial stages of the Covid pandemic. It was an extremely foggy morning, a fog that I had not driven through for years. The roads were quiet. The Victorian government had instructed people to work from home, and the school holidays in Melbourne had been extended.

This particular morning as I was driving, I noticed different types of drivers. I saw those with their lights on and ready to be seen through the fog. I saw those who were struggling to drive through this fog, due to the lack of clarity ahead of them, and I saw those with their lights turned off, not allowing others to see them clearly.

As I was driving, I thought to myself, life is like driving through fog, constantly. Sometimes you think you know what is ahead and where your future will take you, and sometimes you don’t.

Find the strength in knowing that the fog is not permanent. It disappears, and when it does, the horizon becomes clear again, and the options are limitless

Sometimes You Get Stuck

Sometimes you know what is ahead, yet you choose to ignore particular warning signs and you just keep heading in a direction that you know if not right for you. In these moments, you may lose who you are, you might make decisions you will come to regret later, even possibly decisions that might significantly affect your future. Sometimes and during the most difficult of times, you may even lose what you stand for.

At other times you may choose to go in a particular direction that seems socially more acceptable and is the easier choice when dealing with others, but for you something is still missing, you feel there is a hole. In these instances you may have chosen to ‘dim your lights’.  You are still ‘steering your car’, but the direction is not the one that is the most congruent to you and your life’s path.  At these times, you may fade away into the distance with the decisions that you are making at these moments.

The Joy In Being Able To Eventually Let Go

For others driving through the fog is exhilarating, the unknown of not knowing what comes next appeals to them. The thought that the whole world is out there for you to see, and you can make of it what you wish is exciting. You are creating your own path, and that is inspiring to not only yourself but also others around you.

The excitement here also lies in knowing that you are in control. The path you choose or the ‘fog you drive through’ does not have to be the most popular road travelled. It does not have to be the easiest route, in-fact most of the time the hardest paths become the most fulfilling if you are open to giving them a chance and working your way through these hardships.

The important thing to always remember is that as adults the path is yours to navigate through and yours only. You are the only one in charge of the life you create; you are the driver. 

You Hold The Key To The Ignition

No matter which way you relate to the ‘driving through the fog’ scenario, the main thing is that as an adult, you are the driver in your own life. You hold the key to the ignition, and you are in control of grasping, steering and turning the wheel. You can put your foot on the brakes if you need to stop, you can slow down, and you even have the power to put your foot down a little harder and speed up when required.

It does not matter what happened in the past, and it does not matter what others say. It does not matter if you have never driven through the fog in this way before. Only you can find a way to see through to the other side and make the distance clear again. 

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