When the Coachee becomes the Coach

A few years ago, I began a journey where, as the coachee, I became a coach. A combination of having twins and postnatal, along with covid had changed my outlook on life. It changed my view on what I wanted to accomplish, and it allowed me to revisit the good old word clarity, and how I wanted to show up moving forward.

It also forced me to question what my success markers were from that point onwards and it changed how I wanted to be of service to others. It made me ask myself what type of parent I wanted to be moving forward and it forced me to question what would fulfill, challenge and allow me to grow. All these reasons contributed to changes I would make in my not too distant future.

For me, personal development has been the piece of the puzzle that was missing for a long time. To be honest, I never thought of needing it, in fact it wasn’t even on my radar. Not in that way anyway. I knew I was driven, motivated and successful, but I wasn’t completely happy and… I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.

For those of you that know what it feels like; it was a feeling of knowing that there was more out there, knowing that I wanted to stretch and push the boundaries, but being unsure of how to do it. And, at times I even felt ungrateful thinking this way. On paper life seemed good and it was, but deep down, something was missing, and I needed to get to the root of what it was.

I didn’t want to live a comfortable life, I wanted to life a charged life, but I just wasn’t sure how to articulate it… Until I discovered Brendan Buchard and the book, ‘The Motivation Manifesto’.

My personal development journey involved one of firstly being coached by a life coach who would shortly pass away to breast cancer during our time working together, and then to a mindset coach, who for a short period of time I would also work with before venturing out on my own.

This process of growth allowed me to realise that no matter what was happening in the external, I had complete control over my mindset and my emotions. But it was the transitioning into High Performance Coaching where I really felt that I could get fired up, and it was where I found my spark again. I felt like I found the part of me that was missing. It didn’t take long before I knew that this is where the rest of my career from that point onward would point to. It would no longer be in the retail space developing my team and growing my business, it would be in helping individuals and teams to perform at their best. Their best personally and their best professionally, but whilst also being able to maintain their health and wellbeing…. To me, that’s where the MAGIC was and still is.

So, when it became time for me to take off my hat, the hat that has served me so well for the past 14 years in a great company, with a great team and great partners, and into the High Performance space, I was ready. I knew how great I felt going through the process myself and I wanted to share that with others.

Whether it be someone finding a new lease on life through being more productive at work, or someone wanting to find the time to spend with their family. Whether it was someone who now knew how to have those difficult conversation with co-workers that lead to results that had never had previously had and which also strengthened their relationships, or whether it was the working mum, who I could help maintain their work life balance I knew, this is wanted to do daily. I wanted to impact the lives of those I spoke to, and I wanted to get these individuals results through a structured process, that had a proven track record to succeed.

There are so many coaches out there, so what makes me different? I believe a major difference is, I have walked the walk. I have run a large business. I know the struggles many face, working and being a mum (I have 4 kids 8 and under), and I know what it feels like to go through dark times… my post natal was severe. So, I feel comfortable in saying that issues, blocks, or obstacles you are facing, I have most likely been there and overcome them myself and at the end of that process, I am clearer and happier on the other side then I have ever been before.

I can teach you how to succeed, and I can teach you to live a life that you are passionate about just as I have and I can help you learn from the mistakes I have made, to save you the time and the headache…

So why did I choose Certified High Performance Coaching, and why has the coachee now become the coach?

It’s simple. High Performance living means succeeding beyond standard norms. I never wanted to be average so the course sounded great to me and I believe that deep down everyone has the desire to be great and also the potential to be great if given the right tools.

The CHPC approach is holistic, it’s not just about helping you reach one goal, but rather it’s a total life transformation and alignment. Yes, you will have a more successful business, but your home life will also improve.

Rated the highest level of coaching worldwide, CHPC is your proven path to success. It has coaching curriculum that is science based and results orientated, and by asking the right questions, in the right order, the results happen.

The approach is also super effective, in fact third party evidence has shown that from over 70,000 CHPC sessions taken, the average rating was 9.7/10. The highest known satisfaction rating ever in that industry.
If you are ready to take your life to the next level then book a complimentary call today and let’s start the change.

Live a successful, purposeful and fully charged life everyday!

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