What’s The One Thing Everyone Wants?

Do you know the answer to that? I believe that the answer, quite simply is MORE. They want more success at work. They want more happiness. They want more passion in their relationships. They want more energy. They want to be more productive. They want to find more meaning in what they are doing. Everyone wants more of the good things that life has to offer, right? But how do we get more?

A common issue that is brought up with many of my clients in our initial conversations is that they often struggle with getting to that stage where they believe in themselves enough to get to that next level. There is their inner voice holding them back from what they want to achieve. You know that voice inside your head that fears being judged, or making a mistake and this leads us to live a life that feels unfulfilling?

In his book ‘The Charge’, Brendan Burchard speaks about the three types of lives that we can choose to live. Ultimately the type of life that we choose gives us a different outcome, and recognising where we are, allows us to understand where we want to be.

Life#1: The Caged Life:

This is the life where we feel like we are trapped and in a cage. This could be in our beliefs, in others’ expectations, or in our own truths, and over a period this type of life limits how we live out lives.

Like a lion, if we put it in a cage, initially the lion gets angry and aggressive, but over time the lion gives up and no longer has the drive that it had before. The lion is trapped inside the cage.

A person in this section often points to the world and says, ‘others don’t understand me’ or ‘they don’t know what I’m going through’ and feels anger. These individuals usually find it difficult to ask for help and often feel unfulfilled and miserable.

There was a time when I felt like this and I constantly felt like I was driving through a fog.

Life#2: The Comfortable Life:

In the comfortable life, we begin to break out of our cage and find that we have more ability to do things. We get on a role, we feel happier, and we begin to feel more successful. The things that we have manifested suddenly begin to come to fruition. We feel comfortable.

In this life we feel more confident and have greater congruence within ourselves. Things are good, but then, over a period of time there is a gap, and we realise that there is something more that we are missing.

Here you have all the reason in the world to say that life is great, but when asked how you are your answer just says you are fine… You are happy enough, but you want more.

To hear more about this in my own life, I encourage you to download and read my book ‘Elevate Your Thinking

Life#3: The Charged Life:

Here you have heightened levels of energy or charge. This is where life changes, and often major decisions are made which lead you to something that you are more passionate about.

You get into this state by raising necessity and moving from comfort to aspiration, and you can challenge yourself. And, as a result you are more engaged, and you are growing and evolving.

‘It’s as if you are a phone, but you also have control of the charger, and at any given moment you can check your percentage of charge, plug yourself in, fire yourself up and fill up that battery.’

Here you feel more enthusiastic, you want to learn and be the best version of yourself and when you do this for a period, suddenly you are living the charged life.

And this is what high performance coaching helps you to achieve. It is all about activating the drives that makes you feel alive, and putting the steps in place to achieve more, all whilst maintaining your health, wellbeing and relationships so that you are firing on all cylinders.

Live a successful, purposeful and FULLY CHARGED life everyday!

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