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Whether you are leading a team, the senior executive at your company or the CEO of your own business, the fact is, there are certain things that you NEED to do to reach peak performance and bring out your best. But sometimes, that common word frustration gets in the way.

It could be that staff aren’t listening or performing so you feel you are working harder. It could be that you have a huge day planned and school calls and you need to collect your child unexpectedly, or it could be that you have a midday meeting that has just been scheduled, when you had planned to complete that project you had been delaying for weeks and the deadline is fast approaching.

Maybe you feel your team should already know what they are meant to be doing, so you lack the energy and motivation to train them on something that to yourself seems so basic. There are so many factors that may be impacting the momentum you would like to create and yes, it’s frustrating.

Maybe you know what you could do, and how great your business could be if everyone just left you alone for a while so you could work ‘ON’ it instead of ‘IN’ it, but with the lack of support provided from others you just don’t have the chance.

The fact is, there will always be things that pop up in our days and weeks, and so we need to learn how to deal with this (perceived) lack of control, and we need to learn to deal with those who frustrate us. We need to learn how to relinquish back control in those moments without becoming too frustrated ourselves and expressing that frustration inappropriately onto others.

Let me tell you about Mary…

When I started working with Mary a senior real estate agent, she felt not only overworked but was also feeling that her team weren’t giving her the support she needed to grow her sales. The funny thing was though, that her team didn’t know how she was feeling. She had never told them about her struggles, and she had never given them clarity around her vision.

After our chat, Mary decided to hold a team meeting. She told her team how she was feeling, what her goals for the business were, and together she asked them to help her achieve these goals. Ideas moved around the room, tasks were divided, and expectations were set right from the start, something Mary had never done before.

Fast forward to a few weeks later when I spoke to Mary, she said she felt ‘lighter’. Things were falling into place, her sleep was dramatically improving, she was less frustrated, and her team seemed to thrive with the extra responsibility coming their way.

If Mary’s story resonates with you then here are 4 tips that help you reduce the frustration in both your personal and professional life.

TIP #1: Remember that in that moment, that’s the best that someone has.

When you come from a place of knowing that everyone is doing the best they can in the moment, it encourages us to become softer. There is a reason why someone is acting the way they are. Do you know the story behind why they are that way?

TIP #2: Ask yourself, is your team clear on what you are desiring?

If your team, or those closest to you knew what your end goal was, would their reaction be the same. Would they be performing in the same way? Have you had that conversation with them to tell them exactly what you were after? If they knew the outcome you wanted, would the outcome be different? Have you told them about your struggles and your dreams? Just because in our minds we may know what we are after, the team may not have clarity around that.

Tip #3: Flip frustration on its head from anger to service and inspiration.

If you can develop the skill to flip this on its head and turn your frustration into service, then things change. What would happen if instead of getting annoyed at your team you sat them down and asked them what they need to be assisted in this situation? How would that help and how would that change your outcome if you were more empathetic.

Tip #4: Remember that some things are out of our control.

Whether it is being called to an urgent or unexpected event or dealing with underperforming staff, if you can stay centred and understand that sometimes things are out of our control, frustration will slowly begin to dissipate. Knowing that we can’t control everything should allow us to take some pressure off. But it takes practise.

If this sounds like something you struggle with, click this link to my services page and see how I can help. A less frustrated you may be just around the corner.

Live a successful, purposeful and fully charged life everyday!

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