Get It Done! – The link between Productivity, Purpose, and Performance

Let’s begin by asking yourself 3 questions

  1. When you wake every morning are you clear about the outcomes that you want from your day?
  2. Is what you are telling yourself throughout the day affecting your performance?
  3. Are you clear about your purpose in life and how it affects the first two questions you just answered?

As a High Performance Coach, I am passionate about working out the links between things that we do, which in turn improves the relationships between different areas of our lives. Today, let’s look at the link between productivity, performance, and purpose, and let’s look at it in its less traditional form, a way that perhaps most of us don’t usually think about.

Specifically, what I mean here is working out what we need to do in order to fulfill our dreams? Why do we need to be productive? What’s the overarching purpose that is driving our performance and then, how do we assign tasks that will allow us to reach our goals.

The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins talks about the 5 Second Rule, and how counting backwards 5-4-3-2-1 can enable us to take charge of our achievements. In these 5 seconds, we can culminate these 3P’s productivity, performance, and purpose. It is in these tiny decisions we make daily that over time give us the life that we live. All day long these small decisions make a large impact. The 5 Second Rule, has the ability to change our outcomes, to make us more productive and to therefore increase our performance.

The reality is though for most of us, we will never wake up and feel completely confident, or completely fearless, so we need to take control of those first few seconds to disrupt the ‘normal’ wiring of our brain during that time.  If we are able implement change in that 5 seconds, then we have the ability to implement the 3P’s and get results.  In order words, we will be able to fulfill our purpose by being more productive and therefore improve our performance.

The Knowledge Action Gap

Mel goes on to talk about getting trapped in the knowledge action gap. You know, the one where you know what to do but you can’t seem to be able to do it…yet, and shows how to work through that.

So, once you implement this rule, what else can you do in your day to set yourself up for success and ‘Get It Done’. Here are my top tips to get you hitting your 3P’s and moving with alignment to live a purposeful and productive day everyday:

My Top Tips To Getting It Done

  1. If you are unsure when your most productive work times are, I encourage you to read the book  ‘The First 2 Hours’ by Donna McGeorge. It assists in helping you to see how your body clock works, what times you are most likely to complete certain tasks and therefore how to increase your productivity throughout the day.
  2. Ask yourself empowering questions when you begin your day. Instead of saying things such as:” I have a lot on today” or, “How will I get all these jobs done today?”, flip the questions into empowering ones such as; ‘I wonder how much I can accomplish today?’ or ‘How can I get these projects moving forward more quickly?’ See the difference
  3. Write down the top 3 projects you are working on for that day.
  4. Underneath each project write down 3-5 action steps to take to move that project forward.
  5. Write down who you need to reach out to to get that project moving.
  6. Write down who you are waiting to hear back from on that day.

Try my Productivity Guide

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to download a copy of my productivity guide to get yourself kick started. Every little step you take culminates to make a large difference.

Live a successful, purposeful and fully charged life everyday!

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