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High Performance living and the importance of keeping a strategic mindset.

How do you live a High Performance life? This is a question that many people ask themselves, but it’s not always easy to answer. To achieve success in any area of your life, you need to be filled with energy; mental and also physical. But, it can be tough to maintain this level of energy and vitality each day if we are not implementing strategies to help us do so!

When we live high performance lives, it is so important to have routines or strategies in place to help us maintain our energy levels. If we don’t have these things in place, it is very easy to fall off the wagon and become less productive and let our overall well-being slip.

Strategies help us to:

  1. Stay focused and on task to reach our specific goals and ambitions.
  2. Help us to look after our energy levels and be consistent.
  3. Prevent us from slipping into bad habits or routines.

In this blog post, I’ll highlight six key strategies that will help you stay energised and motivated throughout the day, so that you can ensure you keep your wells full.


The first strategy is to make sure you are getting enough sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies and minds are not able to function at their highest levels. This can lead to us feeling tired and run down, which can impact our ability to perform well in all areas of our lives. It’s important to make sure we are getting between seven to nine hours of sleep each night, so that we can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. If you struggle with sleep have a read of this blog post which has great insights and tips into the topic.


The second strategy is to eat healthy foods. When we fuel our bodies with nutritious foods, we are giving them the energy they need to function properly. Eating a balanced diet will help us to maintain our energy levels throughout the day and keep our minds sharp.


The third strategy is to make time for exercise. Exercise is not only good for our physical health, but it also helps to improve our mental state. When we get our heart rate up and release endorphins, we can reduce stress and feel more positive. This then translates into increased productivity and improved performance in all areas of our lives.


Next is setting yourself up for success by implementing an intentional morning routine. For me, this was the moment a few years back that completely revolutionised my mornings. When we speak about beginning our days, what difference do you notice between what your energy was like on the days you were intentional versus the days you were unintentional in your actions? What did you accomplish? How did you feel?


It is essential you take breaks throughout the day. Studies have shown that we work better in either twenty-five- or fifty-minute increments. By setting a timer when we sit down and then getting up to stretch, take our eyes of the screen, have a glass of water, we are able to refresh our minds and come back with a renewed energy. This quick break could also allow us to do a quick meditation. We know that when we work for long periods of time without a break, our productivity levels start to drop.


The last strategy which in my opinion is a game changer, is to surround yourself with positive people that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. We need to be mindful in our interactions and intentional.

When we are around positive people, their energy rubs off on us and we start to feel more positive as well. This can then lead to increased productivity and better performance in all areas of our lives. Have you ever had a day where you are just not feeling great, the work meeting hasn’t gone as well, you are struggling to get started? Next time this happens try and phone a friend who motivates you and lifts you up and pay attention to how you feel after that call. Also pay attention to the energy that you are around and observe how that energy makes you feel.

If you are looking to live a high performance life, it is essential that you implement strategies into your daily routine and keep your well filled. By taking care of your mind and body, you will be able to achieve success in all areas of your life.

What strategies do you use to keep your well full? I would love to hear about them.

Live a successful, purposeful and fully charged life everyday!

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