Creating a Recharging Framework to Avoid Burnout

Have you ever wondered how some individuals can manage to be highly productive, maintain their energy and still make time for what they love? Have you ever tried to do this yourself but then something happens or you get some bad news and you are back to square one and struggling to stay on top of your current situation, let alone thinking about getting ahead?

The Burnout Dilemma

The problem is that many individuals go through life on autopilot, focusing solely on smaller tasks instead of bigger picture goals that will move them ahead and being reactive instead of proactive. It could be that you constantly find yourself responding to emails or texts, or reacting to situations around you and when we add these smaller tasks together not only do we often feel unproductive, but we also find ourselves feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out. This is especially evident as the end of year approaches.

Burnout occurs when we fail to plan our lives intentionally. It’s not just the result of unavoidable challenges, it’s the consequence of neglecting ourselves over extended periods or neglecting what our real needs and desires are and this happens when we are not working towards our own agenda and moving our goals and priorities forward.

Burnout can be triggered by excessive workloads, long hours, unrelenting pressure, and a lack of work-life balance. And often it’s when we disregard self-care – including physical and mental health, exercise, nutrition, and sleep – we’re more likely to experience this sensation.

The Path to a Purposeful Life – living life as a High Performer

If you aspire to live a life that’s intentional and purposeful you need to set it up that way – it doesn’t happen by chance and, it doesn’t matter where along the journey you are to get this started – if you are feeling good, it’s about finding a way to feel great. If you are feeling average – now is the time to raise the bar to get you feeling even better.

If something is happening in your life and you face a challenge, now is the time to dig deep and begin to create that path to a more purposeful life and one effective way to do this is to establish routines that help you recharge regularly.

You want to introduce routines that will keep you feeling refreshed and that help prevent exhaustion and burnout, so that if you do have periods of overwhelm, these periods do not last as long or with the same intensity as before.

So today I wanted to share with you 3 simple steps to get you started on creating these recharging routines in your own life so you don’t feel that sense of burnout and overwhelm heading into the end of the year.

1. Daily Recharging

Create a daily recharging routine or two. It could be as simple as watching TV without your laptop in front of you, jotting down three things you’re grateful for, reading a book or practising meditation. The key is to consciously acknowledge how these activities rejuvenate you and help you to rebuild your energy. So, add more of the ones that feel good into your daily life and make this a sustainable habit moving forward.

2. Weekly Recharging

Consider what you can do on a weekly basis to recharge. This might include catching up with a friend, getting a massage, going for a long walk, or setting aside time for personal reflection. It doesn’t have to be the same every week; variety is key to keeping things fresh.

3. Long-Term Planning

Look ahead to the next few months and make a forward plan for recharging. Are there any scheduled breaks or detox periods in your calendar? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but never found the time for? Planning vacations or outings in advance can help ensure you have dedicated time for yourself.

So next time you feel yourself heading towards burnout think about the routines you have in place to help you recharge and rebuilt your energy.

Live a successful, purposeful and fully charged life everyday!

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