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When I first started working with Lee he was in a pretty dark spot in his life.  His energy for life had gone and the struggles that the year brought including the impact that COVID-19 had on him was causing him to really struggle with his mental health.    

Being back to work in the corporate world after nearly a year off had caused Lee’s anxiety to rise and the day to day tasks began to feel really difficult.  He was unhappy with the how he was showing up in the world and he knew he needed to make a shift that would be sustainable.

Client Testimonial

I recently completed a 4 week life coaching program with Belinda. Firstly I would like to say that I am generally quite a sceptical person when it comes to things such as life coaches and life coaching programs. Where I come from you generally just have to get on with life irrespectively how you feel and what life throws at you. You could say that I have had an old fashioned stiff up a lip upbringing.

I was to very unsure and had many doubts as to whether I could get something positive out of such programs and whether I could learn some skills that would benefit me in everyday life both professionally and personally.

During the program we covered many things from mindfulness to organisation, motivation to drive, resilience, discipline and even the power of meditation and positive thoughts and actions.

In recent times I have been suffering from high levels of anxiety which has been very difficult to manage both at a personal and professional level. My anxiety levels made everyday life tough to say the least and I was very unhappy. When I first started the program with Belinda I was certainly not in a good mental state however as each day went by my thoughts and actions became more and more positive thanks in many ways to Bel.

I have to say that just talking to Belinda about where I was at in the first instance helped me considerably as she was so easy to talk to and I felt that I could pretty much offload anything to her and I wouldn’t be judged or made to feel ashamed of the way I felt. On top of this Belinda taught me ways of managing my day to day life in ways that I had never really considered.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Belinda so much for taking the time to hear my story but most importantly listen to me and help me move forward in my life much happier and with purpose.

Bel once again helped put a smile on my face and I thank her so much for that.

Lee Thompson

State Manager

Week after week Lee put in the tough mental and emotional work to pick himself up, review what was currently triggering him and keep moving forward.  He implemented different routines that could make changes in his life to get things done more easily and this allowed a better flow in his life.  It was a pleasure assisting Lee on his journey.