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When I first started working with ‘Emma’ she felt as though she was lost in her day to day life. With three young children it was hard for her to find the time for herself.

Throughout her mindset coaching we spoke about the benefits of breaking things down to more simplistic levels and trying to be present in the moments of life, rather than just rushing through them with angst. ‘Emma’ put in the work over the weeks that we worked together to build back the momentum in her life and start feeling like she was alive again.

I would firstly like to thank Belinda for this opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching. I have never thought coaching was for me, that I wasn’t at the right stage or that I needed analysing rather than coaching. I was hooked after my first session with Belinda and couldn’t wait to explore the elements she formulated to create inner strength.

Belinda is so easy to talk to, she broke down the concepts and related examples to my life so that I could make even small changes. These changes have not only helped with my daily motivation and processes but have helped reframe my mindset.

There were so many ‘ah-ha’ light bulb moments, simple rephrasing of processes and the how and why that just made sense. I now feel motivated with less excuses to achieve and made me feel I could achieve my ultimate goal in starting my own business and achieve personal growth, even while in the midst of COVID lock down. I now feel I can get to where I need to be, it feels attainable and achievable.

Thank you for getting me out of my ‘funk’ and waking me up to realise I can do it, and it’s ok to have a set-back because I can come back stronger and with new insight. Thank you for providing me with the tools that have made my days productive, with purpose and I now feel that bit closer to achieving my goals…I feel I now can get there!


Recently Inspired Mum

By the end of the program ‘Emma’ was able to see how life could be managed differently.  She is now more mindful in her day to day life.  She has brought back the passion and is starting to feel both more fulfilled and rewarded with her choices.  She is also on the way to beginning her new business venture.

After seeing the change in herself Emma is now a client of the ‘Get Your Mojo Back’ program which will teach her not only how to manage her emotions, but also EXACTLY how to develop a mindset that is optimised for success.