What’s Holds Us Back in Business and in Life?

As a leader, business owner or franchisee, your ability to manage your time will affect your quality of life both personally and professionally, as so it is something you can’t afford to ignore.

But, so often, I hear so many individuals get stuck in their thoughts. They hold the belief that they can’t have it all, and something must give. For example, you can’t have a successful business and a great family life, or you can’t be a working mum and climb the corporate ladder at work. It is my opinions that too many individuals hold the belief that ‘you can’t have it all’.

High Performance Living means performing at you best, both personally and professionally, whilst also maintaining your health and wellbeing. It should never be one over the other. And, knowing this should empowers you to live a life where you are fully engaged, joyous and energised.

As a High Performance Coach, and working with my clients, many of whom are directors or highly successful in their own right, I have found that there are THREE main obstacles that hold individuals back from reaching their full potential.

These problems come in the form of: FEAR, FATIGUE and FRUSTRATION, and if not managed, they will show up frequently in our lives.

On the flipside, if you develop the ability to shift your mindset around these 3 debilitating problems, changes will come, and they will come quickly.

Problem #1: FEAR

We know that if we want to be a successful, we need to show up as our most courageous self, but sometimes there is that little (or large) voice in our heads that holds us back. There may be conversations we need to have that we avoid, or we may recognise that we need to improve in particular areas, but we stay in our comfort zone and don’t push because we fear what failure may look like.

Ask yourself today: What are you fearful of?

Problem #2: FATIGUE

On the way to becoming successful, many of us burnout. We have spent so much time with our heads down in the day to day, that we lose track of the big picture. Why did we take on this role in the first place?

We have neglected to manage our mind and body, and this is vital.

Burnout causes us to miss the small wins along the way and manifests itself in the form of overwhelm and stress. We know we need to be better at handling things more efficiently but knowing so and doing so when you are so tired are two very different things.

Ask yourself today: What’s draining your energy and causing you to become fatigued?


Maybe you feel like you are beating your head on a brick wall and getting no traction. Maybe the sales aren’t coming in, maybe your staff aren’t working in the way that you would like, or maybe you lack time, energy, and motivation to get them to the level they need to be at, especially with everything else on your plate. Maybe you aren’t getting the support that you require to learn, to grow and to develop. All these factors may be impacting the momentum you would like to create and it’s frustrating.

Ask yourself today: What is holding you back in your current role?

The Good News

These are all problems that can all be overcome and it’s not as hard as you think. You can begin to flip this by working through these 4 simple steps.

Step 1

CLARITY: Get clear about who you are, your purpose and where you want to be.

Step 2

PURPOSE: What is the bigger purpose and why are you there?

Step 3

PRODUCTIVITY: Work out ways that you can become more productive. What can you eliminate or delegate that ease the burden?

Step 4

MINDSET: What are some ways that you can manage your mindset when things become overwhelming?
If you want to read more about how to overcome these challenges and lead a high performing life, download one of my eBooks below or book a call today and start the change.

Live a successful, purposeful and FULLY CHARGED life everyday!

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